Q: How much does the camp cost?

A: Each camp/session is $225. The 2017 camp schedule has been finalized. Please check the specific camp location pages for dates/times/locations.

Q: Where can I get camp merchandise?

A: Camp merchandise can be found on our website (The Store Tab)

Q: What is the best method to ask a question?

A: Email us directly at: info@thepassacademy.com

Q: Do I need to bring my helmet, shoulder pads, etc?

A: No. Campers will only need football cleats (please no baseball metal spikes!). Most campers will wear athletic shorts, a t-shirt, football cleats, and a mouth-guard.

Q: Have dates been announced yet for the camps?

A: The 2017 Camp Dates have been announced! Please be aware that all dates will be listed on the camp specific page on our website! Thanks!

Q: Do I need to bring a water bottle?

A: Water and Gatorade will be available for camp participants throughout the camp day. Scheduled water breaks will occur throughout camp. It is okay for campers to bring their own water bottle if they wish. It is very important to stay hydrated while exercising, and we will discuss the importance of hydration with all of the campers on the first day of camp. 

Q: Can parents watch any of the camp sessions?

A: Absolutely. As long as any spectators refrain from entering the field of play and stay in the designated viewing areas, they are more than welcome to come watch!

Q: Are only QBs and WRs allowed to attend the camp?

A: Not at all, the RWPA is designed for football players. All positions welcomed!

Q: When should we arrive at camp?

A: Please do not arrive more than an half an hour before the start of camp! Check-in will start half an hour before camp starts so please do not arrive before that (If camp starts at 9AM, check-in will start at 8:30AM).

Q: Will Russell be at the camp?

A: Of course! Russell will be at every camp!

Q: Who are the coaches at the camp?

A: We have a broad spectrum of coaches from the High School level to other NFL players!

Q: What is the ratio of campers:coaches?

A: We maintain at least a 10:1 ratio!

Q: Is lunch provided?

A: Yes, each camper will receive a lunch/meal at the end of camp!

Q: What is the cancellation/refund policy?

A: By registering for the Russell Wilson Passing Academy Camp(s) you agree to the non-refundable deposit of $25. If you have paid in full ($225) prior to your cancellation (you must cancel no later than 30 days before first day of camp), you will receive a refund for the camp excluding the non-refundable deposit. If you cancel within 30 days prior to the start of camp, you will not receive a refund. All camp balances are due by 5/1/17.

Q: Are soccer cleats okay?

A: Of course! It does not matter the type of cleat, as long as it is NOT metal baseball cleats!

Q: Will every camper receive a RWPA T-shirt?

A: Of course! Each camper receives an official RWPA camp T-shirt for signing up!